Watch These Babies Go Through Tunnels. They All Do the Exact Same Adorable Thing…

Jan 30, 2015 By Abraham 0

From this cute collection of clips it’s obvious that babies are all shocked — shocked, I tell you — when they travel through tunnels.

It makes sense: When you have limited life experience to draw on to explain your surroundings and no object permanence, being astounded is a regular occurrence.

And the jarring transition from light to dark back to light again doesn’t help either…

Hallmark Doesn’t Make Cards For When Dad Cheats on Mom So This Son Improvised

Jan 29, 2015 By Abraham 0

Ryan was as upset as you’d imagine when he heard that his dad had been unfaithful. And his main concern was his mom — that she feel supported and loved in this awful time.

When he went to get her a card, of course there was nothing specifically for her situation. But he got creative and found her something perfect where you’d least expect it…

Sorry Dad's Cheating Card

Sorry Dad's Cheating Card - Version 2

After giving it to her, he reported back that she loved it.